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Filling in the Blanks is Very Easy… with a Solid Foundation

There will always be time to fill in the blanks… assuming you are able to regain your health. Without your health you have nothing. Based on my travels, I’ve found that many easterners have describe a successful life as having completed … Continue reading

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Filing of Workers Compensation Claim at the Advice of the Student Health Center…

Six (6) Years Ago Today, I filed a Workers Compensation Claim based on the Advice of The Student Health Center… Six (6) years ago today was the beginning of the end of any form of help with regards to my … Continue reading

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Why the Wait…

Being Preoccupied with Health & Well Being Requires a lot of Time… First and foremost, without our health we (as living beings) are nothing. Therefore, priority number 1 has always been health. Unfortunately, this is not a priority of the major university … Continue reading

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Never Give Up and Never Back Down to Bullies!!!

Now that I have Your Attention… Although the title “Never Give Up & Never Back Down to Bullies!!!” may seem a bit intense, it only serves to get your attention. No violence is being advocated but urgency for reform, which is long overdue, … Continue reading

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