Not Thinking Clearly Will Result in Others Taking Advantage…

If you’re unable to think clearly, you will most likely make foolish mistakes which others will use to their advantage…

With regards to a letter written on January 4, 2006, the inability to think clearly resulted in the re-write of letter in response to Unethical Associate Professor (UAP) letter (to post at a later date). The re-writing of the initial response letter, as advised by the Unethical Professor, more than likely led to the Unethical Professor‘s promotion and assisted greatly in the University cover-up of this unfortunate (or intentionally planned) incident.

The reason for writing the letter below was to respond to the UAP revised offer letter (to be presented at a later date) which was nothing more than a cover-up maneuver.

After review of this letter, the Unethical Professor highly suggest that… (to paraphrase) if you hope to get the information related to your exposure, I suggest you revise this letter.

Initial Response Letter to UAP

Revising the Letter Was a Naive and Foolish Attempt to Receive Proper Medical Advice and Treatment…

Having suffering for more than 3-months with extreme health problems, the hope that all information related to the substance exposure (both biological and chemical agents) would be provided to aid in the future treatment seemed promising but proved to be both naïve and foolish.

However, the letter was re-written in a manner that was both beneficial to the UAP and Unethical Professor.

Revised response as suggested by David James

The End Result in Not Thinking Clearly Allowed the University the Opportunity to Cover-up this “Incident”…

In retrospect, the end result in changing the letter as advised by the Unethical Professor only serve to help in the cover-up for the Incompetent UAP and:

  • NO, exposure information was provided freely by the UAP, Unethical Professor, department, University or the Board of Regants, to help in the necessary health treatment and recovery process.
  • After nearly 5 years, with the aid of a Nevada Government Agency and a forced stipulation, as required by that agency, resulted in review of less than 1% of materials requested being provided.
  • Nearly 8 years have passed and this information has NOT been provided.
  • Little to NO help was provided by the University to aid in health recovery endeavors (more barriers and obstacles were the University’s approach in their cover-up process).
  • The Unethical Professor received a promotion that resulted in nearly a doubling of salary – the contribution in the University cover-up was beneficial to Unethical Professor.

Shame on you David James for your part in this cover-up. You are fraud and your unethical acts are disgraceful to the Institution of Higher Education and your affiliated Profession(s). Be advised David James that any denial in your involvement of reviewing these documents can easily be disproved with latent finger prints. It is the believed that your aiding in the cover-up at that time (regardless of later involvement – to be presented later) makes you an accomplice in the earlier, later and current crimes associated with the UAP.

This is a serious situation and I take the claims above just as seriously…

Never give up and Never back down to bullies!!!

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