Never Give Up and Never Back Down to Bullies!!!

Now that I have Your Attention…

Although the title “Never Give Up & Never Back Down to Bullies!!!” may seem a bit intense, it only serves to get your attention. No violence is being advocated but urgency for reform, which is long overdue, is being stressed…

In brief I survived an encounter that would have been the end for many. This particular encounter started in late 2004 and still continues on today…

Unfortunately, that threat still lurks deep within, operating without restrictions, in the U.S. university system….

Now, it is my duty to detail the truth of what I have had to endure so that others are less likely to encounter a similar unfortunate situation. In the coming weeks and months ahead, I will detail the events (including supporting documents) of the past that lead up to the tragic events that have resulted in enormous damage to my health, wealth and general well-being…

This is a serious subject and it is of the utmost importance that this story be told.

Incompetence is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some “academic professionals” working within and among the U.S. university system.

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