Telephone Message Received: 2007

The following telephone message was left on my answering machine. The speed has been reduced so that it is easier to make out the threat being made.

Caller seems to make the following statement:

You don’t (unintelligible) with me, fucking homo, you’re dead.

I brought the original recording and a slower message to the police department and submitted them along with a formal police report.

The following day, I came home to searched home, property placed in my home that was not mine, and materials I dropped off at the police department on top of my television set. I still have the original package of material (with CD and write-up) which was returned to my home when no one was home.

For the next few days, I woke to a police escort that followed me to and from work but never close enough for me to engage in conversation, and when I approached they drove away…