eMail Message Received: May 20, 2006

The eMail Message that led to False Claims from UAP…

The following message was received from user on May 20, 2006. This message, on the surface, appears to be a solicitation for sex but actually has ties back to malicious rumors started by the UAP months earlier. Most likely the rumors that inspired this content relate to the fact the UAP’s past solicitation attempts were ignored (rejected).


Censored Message Source from June 20, 2006, that ties back to the UNLV Chemistry Lab and a UNLV Student and/or Facility Member. This Message led to the Ultimate eMail Trap that Linked the Sender to the UAP.

It is believed that this message was sent by one of the following individuals:

  • The UAP
  • The Other Grad Student
  • or, fellow Faculty Member of UAP

It is also believed that this message was sent for one of the following reasons as a means of harassment:

  • In retaliation for the filling Workers Compensation claim to receive biological and chemical exposure information to assist medical recovery efforts.
  • In retaliation for a move by the Department Head to disallow the Other Grad Student from laying claim (stealing) to my completed research.
  • Intentional misdirection by UAP of fellow Faculty as a means of harassment.

After receiving this message, every effort to file a complaint through proper channels led to production of multiple eMail messages (with held for now) between Yahoo, MSN, UNLV System Computing Services, UNLV Information Security, UNLV Office of Information Technology, UNLV Public Safety and UNLV Department Representation over a 2-3 month period.


Yet all attempts to reach out for help and resolution were unsuccessful. Nothing was ever resolved or gained from any of the initial email and contact efforts to resolve this issue.

Ultimately, a face-to-face conversation with another UNLV Department led to the idea to ultimately proved that the UAP did in fact have ties to the sender of this message.

The individual in the other UNLV Department (information with held for now) discussed a story of similar circumstances were another individual was receiving harassing emails that were sent from the UNLV Library. This individual conducted that investigation that was hindered by UNLV policy led to a sting operation in where another email message was sent from the account of the person being harassed as a means to expose the harasser that was using UNLV Library computers to hide their identity. To make a long story short… it worked.

[It is important to note that I was still suffering through physical and mental limitations that began with the initial exposure and  was on-going through the treatment process. In addition to occipital nerve blocks, the daily medication added additional mental limitations that made me an “easy target” for ridicule and harassment.]

So, a plan for better or worse was devised to send an email to facilitate a response that would expose the perpetrator. That message, which actually included 2 emails (1 sent prior to other family and friends to detail and explain the email to be sent and 1 sent to myself and carbon copied to the sender of the email illustrated above) receive a response from an off campus account.

Both of these messages will be posted soon as they are important in exposing the FRAUDULENT claims of harassment that have circulated through-out UNLV, Nevada and other parts of the country which have been made by the UAP.

There were actually two responses. One came from the sender of the initial harassing email and another came from an associated of the UAP within hours after sending message meant to expose the perpetrator. What the associate of the UAP (previously identified by name) included in their message and along with the timing confirmed that the UAP was linked to this harassing email message received on May 20, 2006.

The message received from Unethical Professor (associate of the UAP) are as follows:

I’m very sorry to hear that you received a harassing email.

If the email is threatening you with any type of harm, you should report it to
the campus public safety department, but, if it was sent anonymously, you
should be careful about naming names, unless the sender revealed information
known only to you and to the person that you suspect.
The first message at the bottom of the email chain does indicate that Chemistry
login is not required and that their logins are not tracked.

If this is an isolated incident, it might be best to let it go and concentrate
on graduating.  I might suggest changing your email address.
If the sender is repeatedly sending harassing emails to you, then I’d
recommend,again, that you go to Public Safety. Whatever you do, I strongly recommend that you not retaliate. Log the emails into a special mailbox, and transmit the lot to Public safety.

It’s the statements in the last paragraph (highlighted in bold & underlined for illustration purposes) that indicates that the harassing email sent on May 20, 2006 can be linked back to the UAP.

[It is also important to note that the then Unethical Professor that responded in the message above ultimately received a new position with UNLV that came with more “responsibility” and a much larger salary. What may have then been viewed as “defusing a situation” that could have led to that promotion was actually something that was manufactured, instigated and blown out of proportion by the UAP, Unethical Professor and other UNLV players or, at the very least, that is exactly the way it appears. The UAP is a very unstable individual that has exhibited psychopathic behavior that appears to be accepted with the UNLV community as nothing was ever done to indicate the existence of disciplinary actions.]