Filling in the Blanks is Very Easy… with a Solid Foundation

There will always be time to fill in the blanks… assuming you are able to regain your health.

Without your health you have nothing. Based on my travels, I’ve found that many easterners have describe a successful life as having completed three (3) successful steps. Although it is possible to skip one of these steps, it is not advised. Completing each step, in successive order, is necessary to having lived a successful life. To deviate will ultimately result in failure. These three (3) successful steps of life, as I see them, are as follows:

The 3 Successful Steps of Life

  1. Health is the Foundation – the first step focuses on development of physical health which includes the body, mind and spirit. To many, death because of unexpected illness or genetic defect is easily accepted. However, the importance of mental and spiritual health are sometimes overlooked, ignored or not so easily understood. Failing to include mental and spiritual well-being in one’s health development, will ultimately lead to failure later on. Developing an understanding of how to deal with the ups and downs of life is just as important as being able to do a push- or pull-up. Failing to develop a complete healthy outlook on life makes moving forward to the next steps more challenging. (Side note: It does take a village to raise a healthy child – however a government should NEVER be considered as being part of a village. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, government tends to lack the necessary mental and spiritual development which is a necessary part of healthy development.)
  2. Wealth is the Structure – this second step focuses on wealth in life experience and knowledge. Whether learned first-hand through personal experience or via “osmosis” from others (less common), the development of one’s knowledge of life is crucial. This step starts with learning to live with others in this big wonderful planet based on principles learned from the first step that are now grown into solid set of principle and values in this second step. I sometimes call this the becoming human stage. However, many people may relate wealth to being monetarily “rich.” Do you remember that famous quote from a Hollywood Blockbuster, “Show me the Money.” However, money is only a tool and not the main part of wealth.  Ignoring the proper development of a solid structure constructed from honest ethical principles and values will ultimately result in failure, even if there is “tons of money” at any part in life for a particular individual. The old sayings that “a fool and his money are soon parted” or “the best things in life are free” are just a few of many warnings to all of us that if you fail to develop a solid foundation in life (through Health) and move onto the second step (Wealth) by chance or luck, you will fail to reach the last most important, step.
  3. Happiness completes the Home - “Money can’t buy happiness,” is another warning to those that by-pass any one or both of the first two steps in life.  Although, often simplified as “getting married” by many  as being the 3rd and final step in life, I have come to realized that Happiness means much more than marriage. Finding one’s “sole mate” is another discussion all together and is not necessarily part of a successful life cycle. A successful and happy marriage is a bonus. True happiness is a completion of a successful life cycle and the attainment of humanity.  Although, humanity is a well known word to many, it is quality (or practice) that is seldom seen in “humans.”

Without a Solid Foundation (without Health)… Filling in the blanks is difficult.

For more than 5-years I have struggled to regain my health. This struggle has led to the erosion of my happiness and wealth. I have lost my retirement and my career (with more than 10 years of upper education degrees and training) because my physical and mental health were severally damaged as result of the destructive actions and incidents that can be traced back to the careless and incompetent behavior and actions of one unethical assistant professor (UAP)… (more to follow)

The time for change is here and exposure of Social Corruption is a Requirement

As I regain my health, my focus returns to the three steps of life; but now, exposure of the university corruption has become a obstacle that I must bring out into the open. For too long I, like many in the general population, have looked the other way while dozens of others mistake kindness and courtesy as weakness or stupidity. Fraud, corruption, and unethical behavior are just a few of the terms and/or actions that are used to describe these “others.”

Unfortunately, some of these “other” individuals are in positions in which they do not belong… politicians, lawyers, educators, priests, judges, coaches… a few of these could even be classified as being murders, thieves, rapists, frauds… To call them sick is being kind.

However, This is NOT a cry for violence. No, I do NOT and have NEVER condoned violence of any type. Violence is generally a fear by these same “others” that have caused harm in society and it is an excuse for them to cause more. Violence is NEVER the answer.

(more to follow on this issue…)

Be Prepared for More to Surface Soon

Check back over these next few weeks to see all the gaps in unpublished (private) posting suddenly start to fill in the gaps… More information and materials will appear (at various back dates) about following topic areas: another reason behind the poisoning, back ground research, research theft, patent theft, toxic and harmful chemical theft, laboratory sabotage, defamation of character tactics, profit from fraud and in cover-up, financial devastation, medical fraud, chemical neutering, unemployment injustice, names, faces, evidence…

Although I continue to strive to move forward, not a day goes by that I face the tragedies that have unfolded because of the fraud and unethical acts of (and/or started by) one UAP…

The unsanctioned and unsafe working environment run by the UAP led to long-term medical deficits which have been physically and financially devastating. This devastation is exacerbated by university sponsored coverup of multiple unethical and amoral acts performed by UAP (and others) including the withholding of “right-to-know” information about biological and chemical exposure details.  [Side note – it’s no wonder why universities continue to increase tuition – I believe it’s because universities have to maintain a large staff of lawyers on retainer to cover the actions a few unethical employees. That’s bad for business.]

More disgusting behavior from the UAP and/or university affiliations includes: interference to seek medical treatment on a national scale, manipulation of medical industry professionals, wrongful termination and unwarranted blacklisting, misrepresentation of facts, withholding of evidence, slander, defamation, harassment, treats of violence…

This is a serious situation and I take the claims above just as seriously…

Never give up and Never back down to bullies!!!

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