Filing of Workers Compensation Claim at the Advice of the Student Health Center…

Six (6) Years Ago Today, I filed a Workers Compensation Claim based on the Advice of The Student Health Center…

Six (6) years ago today was the beginning of the end of any form of help with regards to my   health as far as the unethical professor was concerned. “That’s not how we do it,” protested the associate professor that was responsible for the unsafe and unhealthy working environment that lead to my poor health. “The others [previously poisoned research assistants] used insurance when they became sick,” argued the unethical associated professor (UAP). (Later I came to the opinion that the UAP may have subsidized the co-payments for at least one (possible two that I can name) of these “others” that suffered health problems after working for the UAP.)

After nearly 2-months of paying for medical “advice” administered by “medical professionals” associated with the UAP, with little to no improvement in my health and based on advice given by the student health services, a workers compensation case was filed on December 23, 2005. The majority of the “medical advisers” wanted to prescribe narcotics and other highly addictive and health degrading substances…

The main purpose of the case was to obtain a complete list of all substances (including chemical and biological) that I was exposed to while working for the UAP. A list of substances that the UAP had already agreed to supply multiple times; but, never followed through with those promises. By obtaining this list, I was of the opinion that my future treatments would actually be more use to me… causing less harmful side affects and actually leading to improved health… (this topic point needs much more discussion and further detail because it also alludes to an other reason why I was poisoned by the UAP – to be addressed further in a later post). [more to follow]

Up until December 23, 2005, the UAP was more than happy to spend my money making arrangements for me to seek the opinion of many “medical professionals” that could easily fall into the same class of “medical advisers” assisting Micheal Jackson or those that re-used unsanitary medical equipment to examine their patients.

Basicially, we live in a world of individuals that do not follow any code of ethics that does not bring them money… In other words, I was being attended by corrupt “medical professionals” (or completely incompetent and easily corrupted simpletons). [more to follow]

For more than 2 months the UAP was making ALL off campus medical appointments for me. The UAP had their hands involved in every aspect of my medical consultations… (this is a big RED flag but at the time my mental faculties were not functioning properly and my ability to think properly was becoming worse – this issue will be discussed in further detail especially with regards to the doctor prescribed substances and their assoicated detremental medical affects). [more to follow]

After that point, many of these same “medical professionals” which were seeing me, and previously attending to my medical problems, suddenly refused to advise me further.

“Conflict of interest… we do not see Workers Compensation Patients… we can not help you…” were just a few of many of the “medical professionals” excuses after the December 23, 2005, filling of the Workers Compensation Claim.

Excuses from UAP associated “medical professionals” were not the only change that caused more health problems. The UAP was also refusing to turn over a list of chemicals and biological substances (including arsenic, chromium, perchlorate, and 100’s of other substances)  that I was exposed while working for the UAP in their unsafe work environment.

Even though this information was previously promised by UAP, and it was well within my “right to know”, everything changed after the filing of the December 23, 2005 Workers Compensation Claim as advised by the Student Health Services “Professionals.”

[more to follow in here]

To make a long and grotesquely disgusting story short (for the time being), the Workers Compensation Claim was drawn out for several years and no compensation was ever realized from this effort. ALL health improvements came at a severe cost to my financial pocket book. Several 100-thousands to millions of U.S. Dollars in associated losses can be tied back to that UAP and that UAP’s unethical conduct and activities.

The only thing realized from the filing of the 2005 workers compensation claim was that of the political war against my character with the sole purpose of covering up actions and incompetency of the UAP…

Reflection: My health was the last concern to the UAP and other associated unethical parties. Health and well-being comes last and the need to instill the “impression” of competence and ability out weighs all…. It appears that fraud rules in many situations, especially when comes down to money. The UAP is a fraud and the institution that covered up for this fraud is a front to the entire United States Upper Education System. Unfortunately, that last statement appears to be nothing new (it could be argued that it is widely accepted), this practice has come all to common place in the U.S. land of academia…

More to Follow…

Have a good Thanksgiving… there is much more information to follow… the truth will be told.

Never give up and Never back down to bullies!!!

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