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The purpose of this site is to detail the facts in an attempt to expose the truth behind the hysterical misinformation campaign that seeks to attack and destroy the character of the victim instead of attempting to resolve a simple matter in the best interest of the victim and university.

At no time to date has the victim sought economic gain for the events that have caused severe health, economic & social damages. All initial attempts revolved around a need for timely treatment of health problems to increase the likelihood of a speedy recovery and to avoid permanent disability.

However, the victims initial plans to return to overseas work after completion of Master’s Degree were never realized. Two additional semesters of out-of-pocket study and poor health recovery led to an alternative pursuit of employment that did not require extensive travel…

Further more, it is important to note that a once healthy retirement & savings accounts, no financial debt and excellent credit history have suffered greatly after the exposure….

The fraud and deception of a few corrupt people has caused a considerable amount of harm.

It’s not how people act when times are easy that defines their character, it is how that act when times become challenging. When people run, hide & lie about accidents it leads others to believe that those accidents were more than likely intentional.

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