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The term “naming names” is mostly referred to the process where an individual exposing others for past wrong doings. In many cases, Hollywood has falsely glamorized a negative association with this process within gangster type movies connecting those that are involved with “naming names” as being described as being “rats”, “informants”, “squealers”, etc… as means of fear tactics to impede justice. Unfortunately, the fear tactic has been incorporated into many professional oaths as with the “Order of the Engineer” where young engineers swear an oath as to never speak ill of other engineers regardless of perceived “wrong doing.” Oaths of these types should be considered as unethical.

Not Thinking Clearly Will Result in Others Taking Advantage…

If you’re unable to think clearly, you will most likely make foolish mistakes which others will use to their advantage… With regards to a letter written on January 4, 2006, the inability to think clearly resulted in the re-write of … Continue reading

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Filling in the Blanks is Very Easy… with a Solid Foundation

There will always be time to fill in the blanks… assuming you are able to regain your health. Without your health you have nothing. Based on my travels, I’ve found that¬†many easterners have describe a successful life as having completed … Continue reading

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Why Not Name Names…

The Academic Affairs Promotee Told Me, “Don’t Name Names,” in an eMail Once… Just because one misguided academic advisor, promoted to a university academic affairs department position (I believe¬†due to their role in the cover up), makes statements that could … Continue reading

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