Batista & Associations, An Excersise in Incompetence or Fraud, Attempted Murder & Intentional Character Assassination?

Batista and her associations have had nearly 10 years to address the “accident” that resulted in extreme damage to health, property, profession & nearly loss of life and have yet to face little opposition from the victim.

Early on, and for several years after, Batista and associations were given ample opportunity (their rightful obligation) to assist in the healthy recovery of the victim so that a transition back into a past positive and productive role within society was realized. Instead, Batista and associations, engaged in “attack the victim” tactics to cover-up what was thought to be an “accident.”

Next, the employment of a “loss prevention” and/or “public relations” agencies followed. These consultants were paid to assist in covering up Batista & her associations crimes, via various distraction methods. However, since consultants of this nature are driven by making money, all of their past attempts of slander, defamation and general “minimization” will ultimately backfire as all of the questionably unethical, amoral and illegal acts used to cover-up were most likely by means of harassment, fraud, defamation & financial devastation. Eventually all of the details of consultant “surveillance” will be exposed.

Ultimately, Batista & her associations have caused the victim his freedom, pursuit of prosperity and nearly loss of life which has translated in to 10’s of millions of dollars in damage to both the victim and likely the employers of Batista as well.

Unethical Behavior 101: When You Screw Up, Utilize a Fall Guy ASAP!!!

Why would Batista and associations attack the victim knowing the victim had told them from the start, “I’m not interested in a law suit, I want my health back and I want to go on with my life.”

Why, assuming it wasn’t an accident in the first place, is a legitimate question.

Despite all of the hysteria & damage to the victim, post “accident” and continuing to this day, the following facts, part of Batista & her associations main cover-up, have always remained true & undisputed are as follows:

  • The victim was poisoned (accidentally or intentionally) during an unsafe experimental process in unsanctioned research facility supervised and controlled by Batista.
  • Batista took on the role as medical advisor to the victim for nearly 3 months, by directing treatment and arranging appointments even though Batista was not a licensed or trained medical professional.
  • Post filling of an initial workers compensation claim, Batista interfered in the treatment process as follows:
    • Refusing and ultimately failing to provide details relating to the occupational exposure of chemical and biological agents within the facilities.
    • Providing false information to medical advisors as a means to hinder proper treatment.
    • Lying about the locations in which the research was conducted to cover up unfavorable and likely damaging health and safety inspections from both internal and outside regulatory agencies.
    • Lying about research contribution and others that became ill during the same time but to lesser degree because of far less exposure.
    • Refusing to provide copies of employment records and student file information.
  • Batista also engaged in slander, defamation and harassment tactics within the University and local professional community. (Two major co-conspirators of Batista, engaging in these tactics within the victims previous workplace, after leaving the program and attempting to reenter the workforce, were Mamoun & Douglass.)

Knowing those basic facts above, all of the other hysteria, harassment and slander & defamation tactics that followed (and not mentioned) can be easily placed into context, understood and readily dismissed for what they were – distractions, misdirection & cover for past crimes of Batista & her associations.

Why would anyone spend nearly 10 years attempting to cover up something that would have likely taken far less time & considerably less expense to handle properly in the 1st place if foul-play (or extreme incompetence) were not a likely in-play?

Gross Incompetence or Evil Intentions?

Mistakes happen (if that’s what they were) and calm rational options are always available to those seeking honest solutions. The victim sought a rational solution and became the “manufactured problem” of Batista and her associations.

Now consider this:

  • The completed research of the victim was processed, compiled & organized for Batista by the victim.
  • This information was said to be incomplete by Batista who stated additional research was necessary.
  • However, the same research completed by the victim, was utilized by Batista in various works, including published patents, several months after the victim completed the research.

There are other issues and unanswered questioned that may ultimately be answered by others by the victim still remains resolute in moving on with life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, Batista & her associations unethical, amoral and out-right criminal acts at times have constructed a very large obstacle for the victim to over come.

Despite the lie that we’ve all heard that, “if a lie is repeated often enough it will become truth,” the reality is that truth will eventually find it’s way into the light of day irregardless. The only thing that contributes to the time delay in exposing truth is the public’s attention & lack of action.

The victim, although rightfully filled with various emotions through out this last decade, has never posed any type of physical threat or harm personally or to others in the past and will likely not in the future. Despite their many ongoing attempts to incite unacceptable behavior in the victim, the victim holds no hate and no ill-will towards Batista and her associations. The victim only feels pity towards Batista and her associations.

Finally, the victim is only a victim in the legal classification of circumstances as it relates to the “accident” and crimes of Batista and her associations.

This issue only lingers on because of the actions of Batista and her associations failure to be honest and accept responsibility. Unfortunately, it will likely ultimately cause damage to the University (rightly or not) as they have willing participated in this Batista coverup.

Lessons Learned

Multiple sections, with supporting documents, are summarized as follows:

  1. Incompetence vs. Evil Intent – The Result is the Same for the Victim
    1. They Continue to Lie: They Never Give Up
  2. Professional Courtesy or Willing & Unwitting Co-Conspirators:
    1. Less than 10% of Medical Professionals are Worth Consulting
    2. Like Covers Like: Legal Cover of Academic & Medical Fraud
      1. Delay, Delay, Delay
      2. Lie & Misdirect
      3. Attack the Victim
  3. Professional Coverup: Hired Surveillance & Harassment
    1. Privacy Violations
    2. Digital Theft & Manipulation
    3. Mail Theft & Property Damage
    4. Personal Records Manipulation
  4. Character Assignation: Slander & Defamation
    1. Evade, Lie & Deceive
  5. Economic Warfare: Financial & Credit Reputation Targeting
    1. Destroy Victim’s Chances of Survival
  6. Legal Retaliation: Death by Corrupt Court & Legal Associations
    1. Muddy the Water: Involve Courts to Manufacture Problems
    2. Debt Conflicts: Manufacture & Assign Financial Conflicts to Hinder Victim’s Survival

The chance that this information will be posted & shared on this site is unlikely. In considering the past activities of Batista & Associations to date, any information that will be shared will be with others that can/will facilitate the proper distribution of these facts into the general society.  These horrific events will not be highjacked by the dishonest, amoral & unethical legal parties seeking to further cover up for the Gross Incompetence or Fraud, Attempted Murder & Intentional Character Assassination tactics of Batista & Associations (past, present & future).


In closing, this very important truism goes out to all involved directly and indirectly with Batista & her associations:

You can full some of the people most of the time and you can full most people some of the time; but, you cannot full all of the people all of the time.

Shame on you.

Thank You

Thank you for opening my eyes. In nearly taking my life & derailing my economic wealth & professional path you, Batista & Associations, have helped me realize there are more important things in life than (unknowingly) participating in a corrupted/rigged/unhealthy environment. In other words, it’s best to quit & walk away, regardless of any contract or prior commitment, especially if you think to the smallest degree that that environment or person in which you’re working with (or for) are unsafe or potentially dangerous in any way.

Also, you’ve helped me learn that some people will do anything for money, a vice or the approval of a stranger. These people, who claim to be a professional co-worker, friend or even family member, generally value money, instant gratification, favors or the approval of (false) authority over any harm they (willingly or not) bring onto others. I now realize that this ugliness exists and unfortunately appears to be a standard practice in communities like Las Vegas, Nevada.

Finally, for you readers who value life & respect our fellow man (male & female alike), I advise you to thoroughly research any academic institution before attending and never attend any state run colleges or universities in Southern Nevada. You should also apply this research technique to everyone and everything you interact with professionally or personally. This technique is not difficult, you just have to ask questions, listen to their answers and don’t allow yourself by bullied into politically correct excuses that may be offered.

Spending your life around “takers” will bring harm and will blur the important goal of life…