Missing 2.5Kg+ of Ammonium Perchlorate (NH4ClO4)

Over the weekend of July 24-25, 2005, some sodium perchlorate (about 300g) and more than 2.5kg of ammonium perchlorate (NH4ClO4) were realized to have disappeared from the UAP’s laboratory.  This chemical was noted as missing from laboratory during a last-minute scheduled ion chromatography (IC) planned processing as requested by UAP. The UAP failed to arrive for the agreed upon testing session…

First came the request from information from other students about the missing chemicals as follows:


Then, soon after the next email:


After some time and no response, the following email was received the week after (nearly 2 weeks later from originally noticed as missing) to tell all using the laboratory that an “investigation” was in process:


The problem with the this particular investigation, not known then but later realized, was that university police were playing the roles of Metro and FBI during this “investigation.”

Later that day after talking with the university police, the UAP confided in me with a story laying blame for the loss of 2.5kg primary explosive grade chemical on another university employee who also happened was a model rocket enthusiast.

In retrospect, the problem with this story is that that employee would have never taken it unless the UAP gave it to them… considering there wasn’t valid inventory to track this product in the first place, all that remains is the email sent by UAP explaining the “pending investigation.” Plus, there was the out-right lie by university police in their false representation of Metro and FBI law enforcement.

Why make up a story about the “lab door being open on Monday” when the UAP was notified over the weekend, long before Monday,  that those materials were missing? According to what’s been reported in the national news, over this last year, the NSA can likely prove this as a telephone call was made and a message was left on the UAP’s home message service.

Why wait multiple days to notify the campus “authority” and other students, other than to “make up a story”?

The professor mentioned in that “story” by the UAP was the same one that was promoted… looks to be an indication of a pattern of  corruption?

What happen to nearly 6 pounds of ammonium- and sodium-perchlorate? Where? How? Why?