Unfortunately, far too many of us are blinded with the belief that “everyone” is trying their the best to do the right thing by others and the overall community at large. This belief is not true when it comes specifically to the UAP and many others working with the “higher education” systems.

No, the motives of too many within these systems (and 1 individual alone is too many) appears to be driven by fear, hate, greed and self-promotion. 

Holding on to any belief that “your best interests” are safe with any party other than yourself is foolish and naïve within the land of academia, politics, legal system and medical establishments. No, money drives most of these “folks” and thinking otherwise is not advisable.

Too bad it takes a life threatening incident to wake many of us from hopes for something better into reality. Those that think that is part of life are part of the problem…

Back to the topic at hand, Accidents.

After working several months for the UAP it become more and more clear that far to many “incidents” that were labeled as “accidents” were not the case. For example, students getting sick, 2.5kg of Ammonia Perchlorate goes “missing from the lab”, a mysterious leak in the DI water system sets back research for months (a contract review of sponsored agreements is in order here) and a students financial aid money is “drained from their account” are just a few of several dozen little “incidents” that plagued the UAP accidental filled “academic career.”  

  • Email Trails tied to “Accidents”
  • Photographic Images and Scans  tied to “Accidents”
  • Research Time Lines tied to “Accidents”
  • Health Problems tied to “Accidents”
  • Harassments tied to “Accidents”